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Ammeter Shunt Brass Terminals

Name: Ammeter shunt brass terminal Electricity meter Screw terminal Customized brass electricity meter terminal Useage: Work in all kinds of electrical meter as power measurer Strength: 1. Good material, sampling resistance precision and stable. 2. Various type. 3. Good service: Make according......

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Name: Ammeter shunt brass terminal

● Material: Manganin, an alloy of Cu (84-87%), Manganese (9-12%) and Ni (2-4%)

● Welding Type: Electronic Beam welding

● designs EB welded Shunts or full Manganin Shunt assemblies as per Customers Specifications

Process Flow for SHUNTS:

● Selection of copper & Manganin as per the customer drawing.

● EB Welding

● Inspection and testing

● Punching

● Assembly with terminals if required by customer

● Packing and dispatch

Tooling and Stamping:

Specialized tools are made for lowest wastage and high productivity to achieve lower operational costs.We also manufactures customized design suited to the application which includes a complete Manganin shunt & assembly, EB welded shunt & assembly, Copper –Manganin welded shunt assembly etc along with brass terminals.

Inspection & Testing:

● The inspection is done as per the 0.65 % AQL sampling plan.

● Testing of electrical resistance is carried out on high precision µΩ meter

● The lowest resolution of the meter is 0.1 µΩ

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