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Straight Brass Hose Connector

Name: Straight Brass Hose Connector Quality products in turned brass Fixed washer Pressure safe Leak proof fitting ...

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Name: Straight Brass Hose Connector


For connecting threaded pipe and hose.

Premium brass construction for maximum strength and durability.

Manufactured using the highest level of quality.

Will deliver excellent performance.

Solid brass connector.



Material: Brass

Processing: CNC

CNC machine tools can effectively reduce the machining time and auxiliary time of parts. The range of spindle speed and feed rate of CNC machine tools is large, allowing the machine to carry out powerful cutting with large cutting amount, rapid movement and positioning of moving parts of CNC machine tools and high-speed machining, reducing the turnaround time between the semi-finished products and improving production efficiency.

Machining the same batch of parts, using the same tool and machining program under the same machining conditions on the same machine tool, the tool's path is exactly the same, the parts have good consistency and the quality is stable.

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