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Factors to consider when choosing metal hose fitting
Aug 08, 2018

The use of quick metal hose fittings shall conform to relevant industrial technical specifications, and the following factors shall be taken into consideration when selecting:

One is to select suitable construction and material according to the corresponding use environment

Factors such as humidity conditions, dust conditions and corrosion resistance of the service environment are included to take into account the type, material and sealing material of the quick fitting. If metal hose connectors are exposed to chemical corrosion, such as brine or acidic gas, they should only be stainless steel or brass.

The other is to select the suitable structure and material according to the type and temperature of the fluid

Different types of fluid, body material and sealing material shall be equipped with different metal hose quick fitting. If it is air, metal fitting made of steel is recommended. If it is water, it is recommended to use brass or stainless steel metal connectors. Therefore, the choice of metal hose fitting should consider the chemical composition, temperature and pressure of the fluid and the pipe fitting consistency. To avoid the erosion of mineral oil and synthetic fluid, most pipe fittings are electroplated. If there is a rubber seal ring as part of the pipe fitting, it is necessary to ensure that the sealing ring material is suitable for the fluid.

The third is according to the automatic switch valve construction, select the suitable gold soft pipe fitting

Valves are usually constructed in two - way, one - way and two - way open. When choosing a metal hose fitting, you should find out in advance which type it is. Because there will be fluid flow out of the pipe during separation other than the two-way switch type, a quick fitting is needed to select a valve configuration suitable for the pipe purpose. Compared with the removable pipe fitting, the button metal hose fitting needs less space and the weight is 15% less than that of the removable pipe fitting. Therefore, the effective space can be used economically and the volume and weight of the whole system can be reduced. Permanent compression union is preferred for high pressure pipelines because detachable couplings are not easy to install on hoses reinforced with four or six layers of spiral wire.

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