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Failure of poor design of plastic coated hose fittings
Aug 08, 2018

The structural design of the overmolded metal hose fitting is critical, which is the technical core of the hose assembly. In actual operation, the design of the overmolded hose fitting often fails to grasp various key points well, which will cause various failures and some unexpected situations. Due to the unreasonable design of the plastic hose fitting design, the most common ones are longitudinal cracks and circumferential cracks in the inner tube of the buckle. Other fault phenomena are also common but not common. In order to facilitate everyone to understand the plastic coated metal hose and better applications, let's take a look at two kinds of faults caused by unreasonable design:

1. The circumferential crack occurs in the inner tube of the buckle

It is also one of the more common failure phenomena in actual use and test. After the inner tube has a circumferential crack, it will become a weak link. As the circumferential crack gradually expands, a leak point will often form here. , causing the hose assembly to fail.

Second, the longitudinal crack in the inner tube of the buckle

At the end of the sleeve crimping portion, the inner tube has longitudinal micro-cracks, which may cause the hose assembly to fail once the crack penetrates. The above are two common faults caused by unreasonable design of plastic coated metal hose fittings. It is hoped that the majority of manufacturers must strictly follow the production process in the design and production process, and strictly control the quality of each production link to ensure the quality is qualified. When choosing, you should also go to a regular manufacturer to ensure quality.

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