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Five elements of metal hose fitting selection
Aug 08, 2018

1. Nominal diameter of size hose: type of fitting (mainly flange connection, screw connection, quick fitting connection) and length of metal hose.

2. Pressure: according to the actual working pressure of the hose, inquire the nominal diameter of the corrugated metal hose and the pressure gauge, and decide whether to use the metal hose of stainless steel mesh cover type.

3. Medium: the chemical properties of the medium transported in the hose shall be determined according to the corrosion resistance of the hose material.

4. Temperature: the working temperature and range of medium in the hose, and the ambient temperature when the hose is working. When the temperature is high, the working pressure temperature correction coefficient under the high temperature of the metal hose shall be used to determine the pressure after temperature correction so as to select the correct pressure level.

5. Status: according to the status of hose use, refer to the proper use and installation method of metal hose and the optimal length of hose in settlement compensation, calculate the length of hose in various motion states, and calculate the minimum bending times and minimum bending radius of hose. Select the length of hose correctly and install it correctly.

With the development of science and technology, as some of the plastic hose connectors nowadays began to enter the market, mainly aiming at the way of the sleeve of wire and cable. Then what kind of application does this material have?

Firstly, in railway, locomotive and traffic system engineering, metal hose fittings are needed for some connecting lines, because the metal hose fittings can be promoted in such fields better through elongating effect. Only from the perspective of such technology, such advantages are paid more attention to.

Second, the control process of mechanization, especially in automation control equipment, power plants, chemical distribution system, the use of this kind of fitting or more, the real in this field still have such an advantage, only in this way, can create the real distinctive advantage in this industry, so, only mastered the technique of hose, was repeatedly used.

Third, in the communications industry, building, factory building, etc. In this industry, the plastic coated metal hose connector is used more, in order to meet the insulation, waterproof, and for the appearance is perfect, so it is one of the biggest use of advantage, actually reached the degree of customer's needs.

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