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Preparation and operation of metal hose fittings before welding
Aug 08, 2018

Weld preparation

1. Before brazing, scrub the new metal hose with acetone, soak the old metal hose for more than 12 hours in light diesel and kerosene respectively, and clean them in light diesel and kerosene. Metal hose should be dried before use.

2. Opposite the tool rack of the special metal hose clamp and metal connector short pipe to adjust the relative position of metal hose and fitting short pipe and the length of inserted hose.

3. Due to poor heat conductivity of stainless steel and the soldering part is thin thin wire mesh, chosen in 20 x 0.2 mm hose Ф h01-2-6 type welding torch and neutral flame is more appropriate.

Operation process

1. During operation, the flame shall not be directed directly to the melted solder and solder to avoid overheating, volatilization of effective components and oxidation of solder, which will result in deterioration of solder fitting brazing quality. To ensure solder penetration, the flame can be used to heat the surrounding area of the solder fitting so that the heat is transferred to the base material and the solder is spread throughout the brazing fitting.

2. The depth of the brazing fitting is the key to determine the strength of the brazing fitting. The strength of the brazing fitting decreases a lot as the temperature increases during the brazing of silver solder. 312 brazing material, when the temperature is 20 ℃ sigma b = 380 ~ 400 mpa, 202 ~ 300 ℃, sigma b = 230 ~ 165 mpa, so brazing seam penetration height A > 5 mm.

In order to ensure the solder melt into the wire mesh of inside and outside layer achieves the index, the test shows that choose size for Ф 3 x 900 mm 312 solder, soldering seam penetration to heights of 20 mm.

The quality inspection

The metal hose fitting shall have a smooth appearance and a smooth, full surface. The water pressure test and radiation examination at 10min under 1.5 times of working pressure were carried out. The production practice shows that the welding quality of metal hose can be guaranteed by using this process, and the film qualification rate has been increased from 20% to 100%, which ensures the safety power supply of the power plant.

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