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Quality inspection should be done when using metal hose fitting
Aug 08, 2018

The pipe industry is inseparable from the role of hose fittings. Since the use of pipes is very important to our daily production and life, we must ensure the rationality of their quality before use, which requires the majority of manufacturers to ensure good quality, in order to ensure the quality of pipelines. So for the manufacturer, how to check the quality of the metal hose fitting during the production, the specific aspects should be considered, please see next to your introduction.

First of all, attention should be paid to the fitting core tube, coat and the quality of the connecting sealing parts, must be strict inspection before fitting assembly, inspection project in addition to the size, tolerance matching and processing precision shall comply with the provisions of the fitting drawings, also must pay attention to check the compatibility of fitting and match and the rubber hose is used, including the standards prescribed by the connection part of the application thread ring gauge, plug gauge inspection through, to ensure the normal connection of users. At the same time, it should also check the smoothness of the surface of the core tube and the sharp edges and corners. If sharp angles or burrs are found in the metal parts of the fitting, they can only be used after careful dressing; otherwise, the service performance and life of the rubber tube assembly will be seriously affected. In addition, the size of the sealing cover and the precision of the connection part of the rubber tube fitting should be particularly carefully checked. It should not be damaged when assembling, and the product should be protected with plastic bag or plug when leaving the factory, so as not to affect the quality of installation.

Above is the metal hose connector manufacturers in the factory to do quality inspection work, can effectively guarantee the quality of hose connection, so to ensure its stability in the pipe quality, as long as the well off on its quality, and then in the correct use in use process, ensure that every link is no problem, this is very important for its use, hope the broad masses of manufacturers and construction unit caused take seriously, if in doubt can be directly to inquire us.

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