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Two reasons for failure of metal hose fittings
Aug 08, 2018

The stainless steel wire mesh cover in the metal hose mainly protects the bellows and bears the medium pressure (mainly axial force) in the bellows. The mesh sheath is external to the bellows, and both ends are welded with the bellows and end ring and metal hose fittings.

(1) virtual welding leads to wire mesh casing drawing

As a result of the welding quality, the corrugated pipe, ring and steel wire mesh sleeve in the trinity welding process caused part of the steel wire virtual welding (overheat or end welding). In this way, the hose is loaded into the pipeline due to the uneven steel wire stress. Under the pressure of medium, the steel wire in the imaginary welding is first pulled off, which makes the whole steel wire mesh is pulled off, resulting in the failure of the outer drum of the corrugated pipe and the occurrence of danger. In order to prevent such a situation, welding quality should be improved, the hose should be tested for water pressure and air tightness before leaving the factory, and only after passing the factory.

(2) improper installation, resulting in wire mesh tension

Hose during the installation process, due to improper installation, or bearing high pressure, the hose will be stretched and distorted, when the tensile or distortion stress was beyond the ultimate strength of hose steel wire net, can make the hose trinity welding parts of the quilt snap or other parts of the quilt, and then make corrugated pipe outer drum tensile damage, caused by medium leakage, therefore should be accurately design and type selection, installation is correct.

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