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Brass Knurled Thumb Nuts

Name: Brass Knurled Thumb Nuts Customized brass nuts A Brass knurled nut, or thumb nut, is a nut with a knurled outside surface, rather than hex. This facilitates tightening by hand. These nuts are used in finished materials such as light fixtures, antique cars and motorcycles. ...

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Name: Brass Knurled Thumb Nuts


This product is used for high-speed rail

Material: H62

Surfacture: nickle plated


Knurled Nuts, also known as thumb nuts, are easily distinguishable due to their knurled outer surface. These nuts can be tightened by hand or secured within a substrate.  These nuts can be easily turned by gripping the knurled edge between a forefinger and a thumb. Generally, knurled nuts are used in lightweight applications, where tight fastening is not required.

The following are a few applications which make the best use of thumb nuts:

1.Electrical Components


3.Musical Instruments

4.Cabinet Knobs

5.Commercial & Industrial Applications

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