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Method For Quality Identification Of Metal Hose Fittings
Aug 08, 2018

The quality of identification can be obtained according to the standard

It is difficult to distinguish the root cause of pneumatic fitting fracture thoroughly. At present, the state administration of technical and quality supervision has issued the recommended standard of sealing water nozzle and the standard of hose, these two standards relatively perfect to the pneumatic fitting and the quality standard index of hose. In case of improper breakage of hose fittings, consumers can go to the quality inspection department to test the torque strength of hose fittings and the sealing of valve cores and strength of fitting materials. If the standard does not meet the content, then it is a quality problem, is also a strong evidence of the prosecution.

Use maintenance cannot be ignored

The length of service time of metal hose pneumatic fitting is usually not noticed. However, long-term use of frequency and improper maintenance, also to the fitting fracture hidden dangers. Generally speaking, the service life of the fitting is about 200,000 times. Therefore, it should be replaced in time after long-term use. Turn off gently, do not vigorously and repeatedly rotating hose pneumatic fitting knob is also the key to maintenance.

The appearance of pneumatic hose fitting is difficult to distinguish

In order to pursue profit and reduce cost, many manufacturers secretly reduce the material quality of products, or use obsolete cast iron (easy rust) or use zinc alloy (not corrosion resistant) as raw materials for the production of flexible metal hose pneumatic fittings. As a result, the quality of fittings and hoses is not up to standard, and the strength performance and airtight performance of metal hoses pneumatic fittings are not up to standard, which leads to problems in actual production and life.

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