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Repair Of Leakage Of Stainless Steel Metal Hose Fittings
Aug 08, 2018

Any product has the service life and guarantee period, stainless steel metal hose fitting is impossible outside, after long-term use wear, may appear leakage phenomenon, how does not take effective measure to remedy in time, may cause series production and safety problem.

When leakage of stainless steel metal hose fitting is found, the following measures are suggested to be taken in time for remedial treatment:

1. Replace all metal hoses at the pump outlet of the synthetic water tank;

2. Replace all parts and materials that have contact with the medium, including flange, metal fitting, etc.;

3. Adjust the installation position of the original gate valve on the tank to the metal hose before, cut off the valve if there is any problem with the metal hose to avoid massive leakage of medium in the tank; At the same time, even if the metal hose fitting is leaking again, it is convenient and quick to replace to minimize the impact on production and safety.

Preventive measures to avoid leakage of metal hose fittings:

In order to make the metal hose function normally during operation, in addition to taking remedial measures in time when leakage is found, precautions should be strengthened before this, to avoid leakage as much as possible. The editor of the official website of metal hose fittings offers the following Suggestions to the staff:

1. Before type selection, the designer needs to know about the medium flowing through the metal hose, including the composition and corrosivity of the medium, correctly select the parts and materials of the flowing part, put forward corresponding technical requirements to avoid the occurrence of galvanic corrosion.

After 2. Putting-in-service proactively, should strengthen the inspection of important parts of the metal hose connector, pay close attention to the change of process medium, once the process related to the corrosion medium index changes, such as increasing electrical conductivity, pH value, etc., should be timely confirm the metal hose and fittings can meet the requirements of the existing process, and promptly take necessary precautions.

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