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The Nobelium Element Makes The Stainless Steel Hose Fitting More Resistant To Corrosion
Aug 08, 2018

In recent years, the stainless steel hose has been widely used in various fields due to its excellent high temperature and corrosion resistance, and the connecting stainless steel Hose fittings have also been widely used in various working environments. Stainless steel Hose fittings are widely used and appreciated for their ability to work in high-altitude, high-humidity and hot environments.

As stainless steel Hose fittings are metal products, they will inevitably be subject to corrosion. Once the joints are corroded, the sealing effect and the safety of the protective medium will be greatly compromised, affecting their service life. In order to reduce the corrosion degree, stainless steel Hose fitting production and research and development, constantly brainstorm. When the company's technicians developed the product, they found that when chromium was mixed with steel, the type of oxide on the steel surface changed to an oxide similar to that formed when pure chromium metal was oxidized in the air. The oxide, which is rich in chromium and glued to the steel to prevent further oxidation, protects it. This oxide layer is extremely thin, through which the stainless steel Hose fitting can be seen with its natural gloss, giving it a unique surface. Moreover, even if the surface is damaged, the exposed steel surface will still self-repair with the atmospheric reaction, re-forming a "passivating film", which will continue to play a protective role.

As a result, the application of chromium enhances corrosion resistance of stainless steel Hose fittings, allowing them to play a greater role in high-altitude, high-humidity and hot environments.

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