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Use Environment And Related Functions Of Metal Hose Fittings
Aug 08, 2018

1. Type and temperature of fluid (please select the type of fluid, the body material of temperature and the quick fitting of sealing material)

2. Automatic switch valve construction (please select quick fitting for valve construction suitable for pipe fitting purpose) there are two-way switch type, one-way switch type and two-way open type for valve construction. So pay attention. Because at the time of separation in addition to the two-way switch type, there is fluid flow out of the pipe fitting

3. Use environment of quick fitting (please select the structure and material of the suitable use environment for quick fitting) in combination with the humidity condition, dust condition, easy corrosion and other use environment of the use environment, to consider the type, body material and sealing material of the quick fitting

Description of related functions of metal hose fittings

Transport function: solid transport, transport and electrical conduction of bolts and nuts.

Connection function: fishing rod, pocket CD fixer, connection of moving course and use other than fluid transport.

Function of exchange: air pressure, hydraulic tools, cylinder, hydraulic cylinder, accessories of metal mould-related machinery.

Feeding function: computer cooling device, die casting machine oil cylinder maintenance.

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