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What Are The Connection Modes Of Metal Hose Fittings?
Aug 08, 2018

As an indispensable flexible pipe in industrial pipeline, metal hose mainly consists of corrugated pipe, net sleeve and fitting. Due to the different requirements for metal hoses in each pipe area, only the appropriate metal hoses can play a role in the appropriate pipe, and different metal hose fittings are also different. In order to meet the different demands of pipe application, the commonly used metal hose fittings in the market are also different, mainly including the following types: outer thread end connection type, DKJ jacket type, DGJ self-fixation type, 90-degree bend fitting, 45-degree bend fitting, y-type tee fitting, t-type tee metal fitting, and stainless steel hose fitting.

Different metal hose fittings have different functions and connection methods. The following is an introduction of three connection methods of gold soft pipe fittings.

First: the butt fitting type of external threads of DPJ: the metal fitting is made of die-casting of zinc alloy, whose surface is galvanized, sanded, or chrome plated. Tight structure, no gas hole, high strength, this metal fitting is end fitting, used to connect the metal hose to the straight connector on the box body.

Second: DKJ clamping and DGJ self-fixation metal hose fittings have the same characteristics. The main difference lies in the different connection modes of the metal fittings.

Third: the DGJ self-fixation metal fitting is self-fixation, which is used to connect the metal hose to the unthreaded steel pipe or unthreaded equipment outlet.

It can be seen that the connection mode of the three metal fittings is different. Users in different pipeline areas can choose suitable products according to actual requirements and adopt correct connection methods to ensure that metal hose fittings are properly used in pipelines.

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