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What Is The Accuracy Of Machining Center Machining Mold?
Feb 11, 2019

In the process of machining molds, the machining center has higher and higher requirements on precision and surface quality. To ensure the quality of mold processing, we should choose from machine tool selection, tool holder selection, tool selection, machining plan, program generation and operation. The request is to consider other aspects.

1. Select high-precision high-speed machining center

With the improvement of product design requirements and the development of high-speed and high-precision machining technology, the quality of CNC machining has been greatly improved, the speed of mold processing has been greatly improved, the processing process has been reduced, and the production cycle and equipment of the mold have been shortened. The number of clips can sometimes eliminate time-consuming fitter repair work. The high-speed and high-precision machining of molds has gradually become an important part of the technical transformation of mold manufacturing enterprises. The replacement of traditional low-speed machining by high-speed CNC machining centers has become inevitable, and the development of mold manufacturing technology will also bring us a richer product experience.

2. Use a suitable shank structure

The use of high-speed and high-precision machining centers will also drive the updating of related process equipment. In particular, the influence of the tool on the quality of the CNC machining and the tool holder will become prominent. In the rotary tool machining system, the connection between the chuck and the machine tool (or its combination) is tight to ensure the machining performance of the tool. Generally, the interface between the machine tool and the tool holder is two types: HSK hollow tool holder and BT type tool holder. The tapered taper of the machine tool spindle and the BT tool holder has a taper of 24:7. The traditional low-speed machining is suitable for this tool holder connection. Since the BT tool holder and the machine tool spindle are only tapered, the cone will be made under high-speed centrifugal force. The surface matching gap is increased, which affects the quality of CNC machining. Generally, when the spindle speed exceeds 16000 rpm, we will need to use HSK hollow handle. The HSK arbor positioning structure is over-positioned to provide standard connection with the machine tool. Under the tension of the machine tool, the short cone and end face of the arbor are closely matched with the machine tool. .

3. Choose the right tool for machining

The rational use and selection of tools will be an important factor affecting the quality of CNC machining. Carbide tools are becoming more and more widely used. High-speed machining of coated carbides will replace most of the front steel tools, including simple tools such as reamer, ball-end knives, boring tools, and coated carbides at high speeds. It plays an important role in the processing of tool materials and is applied to most of the conventional processing fields.

Usually we know that in roughing we will use large diameter tools for machining. In order to save cost and reduce the difficulty of tool making, we will use machine-clamped carbide inserts to maximize roughing and chip removal; in semi-finishing The high-speed and high-feed inserting tool makes the semi-finishing pass fast; in the finishing process, the high-precision round-head mirror blade is used as much as possible to ensure the strength of the tool and the tool bar, so that It also guarantees the processing precision and saves the expensive cost of selecting the whole alloy tool. In the machining, we also need to pay attention to the inner contour fillet radius on the finished part must be greater than or equal to the radius of the tool. The tool with radius less than the fillet radius at the corner is selected by circular interpolation or diagonal interpolation. Processing, this can avoid the use of linear interpolation and over-cutting phenomenon to ensure the quality of mold finishing.



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